The Sneeboer Youtube channel!

Dear Sneeboer fans,

Did you know that we also have a well-stocked YouTube channel (Sneeboer – YouTube)? We have added loads of video’s which are sorted across multiple playlists. You can find the following playlists on our channel:

  • Videos showing the manufacturing process of back in the day and the present
  • Videos showing how you can properly maintain your garden tools
  • Product videos which show how a product should be used and for what specific gardening task the tool should be used
  • Videos showing how you can replace the handle of large and smaller tools
  • Gardens of the World: Our own show where we visit some of the Netherlands’ most beautiful garden including the garden of Piet Oudolf!

Please take a look at our channel and subscribe to stay up to date of the latest additions!

Dear visitor, on many of our products there is a estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks.