Sneeboer Vintage Tools

With great pride we offer you this Limited Edition of Sneeboer garden tools: a set created with traditional techniques only. You can recognize these true originals by the handles: made of lightly sanded/oiled Ash wood. We like all our modern improvements, but to honour our long legacy and because we like our craft, we have decided to make for a last time a set of tools the traditional way.

In the old days trees were transported over water, cut into parts with water-driven saws and due to careful craftsmen and drying process made into rock solid handles. The best part of the tree for a handle is the ‘brown core’. To craft this into a handle is time consuming and costly, but delivers the highest quality material. In our modern line of tools we have found a great alternative, but for this special edition series, we have made an exception: 465 to be precise.

Visit  https://www.sneeboer.com/en/special-collections/vintage-tools-limited-edition/ to order a tool from the vintage collection!

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