Each unique Sneeboer tool is made to last but if problems do occur with your tool please contact us. Or if you have any questions or wish to claim under the warranty terms and conditions please send an e-mail with photo to or contact your local Sneeboer dealer.

In all cases, the following causes of damage are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty:

  • wear through heavy usage.
  • damage caused by incorrect usage of the product.


It can happen that your tool needs some repair. Please go to the Dealer locator on this website and find your nearest Sneeboer retailer.

Alternatively please send an email to We would prefer to receive a photo from the broken tool and short description. Then you will receive an answer by e-mail from us with the suggested repair and price.

The next step is sending us your tool, don’t forget to add your name, address, phone number and e-mail address!!! After payment of the invoice the tool will be repaired and sent back. This will take approx. 1-2 weeks.

Here is a video that explains how to replace the handle yourself.


Before first use:

Treat everything with linseed oil. This way handles will remain their looks, won’t dry out and dirt will not stick to the wood. Even the stainless steel parts can be treated with linseed oil. That way dirt will also not stick to the blade of a spade, rake or hand tool.

How to maintain your tools in 4 steps:

Step 1: Clean them

First remove pieces of dirt and rust with a hard brush (therefore we especially created our beautiful Sneeboer brush from brass). This is important to stop the spreading of any diseases. When you have steel tools you can also treat the larger blades with rough sandpaper. However, this is not necessary for stainless steel tools.

Step 2: Sharpen

A sharp spade is a pleasure to work with so use decent tool sharpeners. We recommend using our own developed tool sharpener which is very suitable for this work. Only sharpen the sloping cutting edge and ensure that you maintain the angle of the sloping part.

Hint: Never sharpen our tools with electric sharpeners. High temperatures will develop, which will change the quality of the material.

Step 3: Oil

Rub the blade and wooden handles with a thin layer of cooked linseed oil. Then store the cloth with linseed oil away in an air-tight can away from open flames to prevent the cloth from catching fire.

Step 4: Storage

This is the biggest challenge for most gardeners. But remember, the better care you take of your tools the longer they will last. Keep tools with wooden handles dry after using them, out of the sun and be careful with extreme temperatures and variations of humidity. Finally, make sure to keep the tools out of reach of children.

“Good Garden Tools are like best friends- not easy to find, but if you have them they will last a lifetime.”


Here we give answer to any questions as complete as possible. If you find your question or answer not listed below please contact us by e-mail. We try to provide you with information as soon as possible.

1. Orders

To place an order, select the products you would like to buy first. After you have click on ‘order’, you will be saked to log in to your account or create a new account.

We have chosen following 3 payment methods for you:
Payment in advance on one of our bank accounts. After placing the order you receive an E-mail with all payment details. After receipt of the full amount we enter the order into production.
Payment with credit card. VISA, Maestro of Mastercard.

If you want to change an order, it is best to call us or send an e-mail to as soon as possible. We will then find the best solution. If your order at the time of cancellation is already shipped, you can return the shipment. We will deposit the amount of the invoice back excluding shipping costs.

2. Shipment and Delivery

Delivery costs vary due to weight and dimensions of the package and to which country it goes. Before paying for the order you can always check the delivery costs that will be charged for your order. We ship with FedEx international and DPD. For some countries FedEx has a list of special remote places (for example islands or not easy reachable postcodes). If this applies to you we will contact you for possible additional costs.

Yes you can add a second address where the goods will be delivered to. For specific extra information you have the option to mention this in the box ‘comments’ .We will take care that the package will be deliverd at for example your work address.

We will send you an order confirmation and an estimated delivery period. All Sneeboer tools are handmade by a small team of Dutch craftsman and delivery dates can vary due to seasonal order flows. Always keep in mind that once you have received your Sneeboer tool it will last a life-time, it’s worth waiting. We use FedEx for delivery of the tools to your address. Once the order is shipped you will receive an email from FedEx with the tracking information, allowing you to check where you package is. Please note that we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses.

3. Returns

We want you to be delighted with your tool(s) so if for any reason you are unhappy with your items, you can return them in perfect condition and in their original packaging within 14 days for a replacement or full refund. Please inform us upfront.

Returns postage will only be refunded if the item is damaged, faulty or if the wrong items have been sent. We do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost parcels on return.

4. How to sharpen your Sneeboer Tools

What do you do when your tools gets blunt, dull?

You need to sharpen the tool!

Sharpening of gardening tools.

Like cooking knifes, secateurs and other cutlery you also need to sharpen our tools.

What do you need?

  • A bench-vise, to clamp the tool.
  • A whetstone.
  • Pair of safety gloves.

Never!! Never sharpen your tool electrical, heat is disastrous, will anneal the blade, blade will loose its HRC. (hardness).


  • Put the tool in the bench-vice, add water on the tool and sharpen the tool with the whetstone, the movement is from the front towards the back.
  • Only on the front side, do this slowly and with care.
  • Pressure, just a regular one
  • Use the full length of the whetstone.
  • Continue this job (use a lot of water) until you notice a burr at the other side of the blade.
  • Turn the tool a 180 degrees in the bench-vise and remove the burr with your whetstone and your tool is ready for the next gardening job.

Check out this video

Dear visitor, on many of our products there is a estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks.